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Yay! You listened. Well I'm brenyatta. 20. Hometown: Louisiana. No permeate home , but who does have one these days? I enjoy art, free expressing, music, colors, people, love, joy, life, life & life. Don’t really have a theme, I blog about anything. If a theme was to occur it would include: calm-earthy vibes, music, movies, actors, meaningful photography, love, the ocean, indie, and art. You can judge, I don’t mind. (Pleasant way: I am a cancer) However I would love to chat with someone… I guest this is a “see you later “or “goodbye”. Whichever one it is hope you have a great day

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Vintig 17 by Octopodal on Flickr. · #Max Shuster #ship #sea #monster #motion #ocean #water #disturbing #tentacle #three dimensional collage #collage #vintage
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Vintig 17 by Octopodal on Flickr.

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